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"Welcome to Maroon Town -
to a live experience you will never forget!"

This nine-piece explosion of ska, rap and brassy dub is tearing up audiences around the world. Tens of thousands of people from Brazil to Jamaica, India to Canada, from Tajikistan to here in the UK will vouch for that.

Number one tracks and extensive radio play around the globe, with songs like Pound to the Dollar, Cumbia, Infernal, Ya Ya Lemme Tell Dem.

Live TV performances to audiences in their millions and glowing press coverage of both the music and the band's attitude.

Soundtrack Hits on two major Hollywood releases and four acclaimed albums - and a new release this summer!

Maroon Town formed in Brixton, London, by two childhood pals, fusing the spirituality, and cinematic sound of classic ska with contemporary street rap and a cheeky slice of Latin funk.

The band takes its inspiration from the original rebels of Maroon Town in Jamaica who fought off the colonial invaders and set up their own independent community.

Members past and present have also played with Groove Armada, Moroheeba, The Streets, Dub Pistols, Freestylers, The Heatwave, Mika, and also with numerous reggae artists out of Jamaica ... the list is endless...

Throughout its rich, illustrious history, from busking on the Metro of Barcelona to playing huge stadiums and arenas in Venezuela and festivals across UK, Europe and Asia.

Maroon Town have never failed to deliver and this year the band is intent on moving it up to another level.Join us on an exhilarating ride...